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    Filip Dujardin’s Architectural Fantasies

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    File Magazine has this piece on Belgian photographer Filip Dujardin’s surreal photomontages.

    Says Flip Magazine:

    Dujardin often starts with a specific idea for an image, then creates a cardboard maquette or a 3D computer model of the final shape he has in mind. Staying near his home in Ghent, he searches out buildings to photograph that will supply the desired textures and edges. Back at the computer in his studio he cuts, pastes, and shapes segments from these building images and compiles them into the form that he envisioned.

    Some of these designs actually seems like a Modernist architect’s fantasy.

    Hey, is that Wurster Hall?

    The one reminds me of this Louisville’s bizarre Museum Plaza.

    Link to the artist’s website via Flip Magazine

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    1. […] intention of actually building his monstrosities.  Using photography and digital manipulations, he creates surreal buildings that take urban structures in an exaggerated direction.  Some of them would actually work as an […]