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    Favela Painting in Rio de Janeiro

    The Favela Painting Project has created a beautiful collaborative work of art in the central square of Santa Marta, a favela in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The project was initiated by Dutch artists Hass and Hahn. From the project’s Facebook page:

    The Favela Painting Project creates striking artworks, collaborating with local people to use art as a tool to inspire, create beauty, combat prejudice and attract attention

    Above, a photo of the favela before the paint job.

    Click for a great panorama view of the project:

    Dr J. M. Imas and K. Kosmala commented on the project in a letter posted on the organization’s Facebook page:

    ‘Favela painting’ affects the aesthetic order of how favelas are perceived from within and outside its natural embryonic growth. Colour brings hope. It brings a different understanding of space and its people, inviting others to co-create and co-represent much more constructively and positively life here. It appeals to our senses in a way that we do not reject but embrace these places and the potential for better life. It articulates a different discourse of social change; of engagement, contributing to improve life for favela dwellers.

    Donate to the project.
    Link to the project website via This. That. The Other

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