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    Nicholas Kennedy Sitton’s ‘Twisted’ Series

    Nicholas Kennedy Sitton is a San Francisco-based photographer who created this series titled “Twisted.”

    Says the artist:

    These photos are a result of how intriguing the concept of distortion translates to architecture. It creates a sense of falling into itself, like capturing a moment of demolition.

    I can destroy titanous steel structures with the click of a mouse and create new twisted versions of reality. I was also inspired by San Francisco. I had just moved here and being a new city was disorienting and exciting and I wanted to capture how my whole world had changed.

    As for the twisted portraiture, I wanted to experiment with how twisting the face could mess with the brain’s facial recognition.

    The idea that you still see the face and at the same time, everything is off. I chose photos in which the subject was making eye contact with the camera to create a sense of connection with the viewer because how much the twisting creates a distance between the viewer and the subject.

    Simple idea, but very well executed.

    Link to the artist’s site; image sources here; via Colossal.

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