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    imageMagical Urbanism, a website about urbanization, design and social change, is maintained by Mike Ernst. I'm an urban planner and designer based in New York City. I graduated from the Masters of City Planning program at UC Berkeley.

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    Joseph King’s Poster Cred

    Above, the very talented Brandon Jones of Make Design Not War,
    whose design is used on this website!

    Designer Joseph King produced a simple set of vinyl stickers to comment on how every poster design out there looks so much better when someone is holding it. What else looks better that way? The series of pictures that people have sent in — titled Poster Cred — is quite funny.

    Says the artist:

    [Poster Cred is a] commentary on a popular style of poster presentation in contemporary design, and the implicit credibility it seems to suggest.

    Sticker installations explore new subjects as worthy to be presented.


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