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    The Illustrations of Hiroshi Manabe

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    Hiroshi Manabe (1932-2000) was a Japanese illustrator who created these fantastical images.

    Says Ben Ettinger:

    Manabe is one of the most famous illustrators of the postwar period, having been the person who brought a certain degree of respectability to the art of the book illustration.

    He pioneered his own personal style characterized by highly colorful scenes full of clean, flowing lines, where both man and nature are uniformly stylized in a way that seems to speak of his very personal idealistic, hopeful stance towards the future.

    He was extremely prolific as a book cover designer, designing the covers for many novels by famous alternative sci-fi writers Shin’ichi Hoshi and Yasutaka Tsutsui, and was outspoken on various issues, authoring numerous of his own nonfiction tomes.

    Born and raised in the rural city of Niihama on the north side of Shikoku, Manabe’s art has become a part of the landscape of his hometown, both figuratively and literally, as his illustrations decorate various installations around the city, including the Niihama Women’s Plaza and an anti-nuclear arms monument in the central park.

    Love his style.

    Link via but does it float and A Journey Round My Skull

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    1. […] Hiroshi Manabe (1932 – 2000) : malgré son statut de membre fondateur de l’Animation Sannin no Kai, il a vite délaissé l’animation et s’est consacré à l’illustration de livres : c’est d’ailleurs plutôt pour cette partie de son œuvre qu’il est connu (pour des exemples d’illustrations, voir ici ou ici, ou encore ici). […]