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    imageMagical Urbanism, a website about urbanization, design and social change, is maintained by Mike Ernst. I'm an urban planner and designer based in New York City. I graduated from the Masters of City Planning program at UC Berkeley.

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    A 2011 Year-in-Review

    Yes, I realize it’s March (yikes!), but I did a year-in-review last year and thought it was worth sharing again. Sure, these numbers are small peanuts compared to a lot of other sites out there, but I’m still happy that this project has the reach that it does.

    I lost some momentum with my updates this year, as I was out of the country from August through December, traveling with the International Honors Program, and teaching absorbed most of my attention.

    Despite no posts from me in September, November or December (yikes!), traffic still managed to be higher this year than last. Between January 1, 2011 and December 31st, 2011, had 343,030 visits from 311,188 unique visitors, for a total of 547,861 pageviews. That’s over 100,000 more visits than I had last year. Great!

    Top 10 Most Visited Posts
    1. Aakash Nihalnani’s Tape Art
    2. Paris vs. New York
    3. Michael Wolf and the Architecture of Density
    4. Liu Bolin Hides in the City
    5. Just How Fast in Dubai Growing?
    6. The Hate Destroyer
    7. David Yoon Narrows the Streets of Los Angeles
    8. Building a Better Freeway Crossing
    9. Iakov Chernikhov’s Architectural Fantasies
    10. Incredible Graffiti Art by Philip Bosmans, aka ‘amatic’

    Top 10 Traffic Sources

    Top 10 Keywords
    1. magical urbanism
    2. urbanism
    3. dubai
    4. stencil art
    5. street art
    6. edward burtynsky
    7. walmart
    8. michael wolf
    9. iakov chernikhov
    10. josh keyes

    Top 10 Countries with the Most Visitors (with Numbers)
    1. United States (217,510)
    2. Canada (23,386)
    3. United Kingdom (16,985)
    4. Mexico (7,509)
    5. Australia (6,018)
    6. Germany (5,985)
    7. Italy (3,490)
    8. Romania (2,996)
    9. Netherlands (2,828)
    10. France (2,809)

    As always, thanks for visiting! If you enjoy this site, please consider liking us on facebook. Looking forward to lots more updates in 2012.

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